Video Shiur: As long as the candle is lit | There is still time to fix | Hitbodedut is the answer for teshuva

Carrying the light of the Jewish holidays and shabbat with us. Not just on the days but also when the holidays pass. To carry the light daily. Hashem is that light that we carry, therefore we MUST find Him on every Torah Holiday, and every Shabbat, then walk with Him daily thereafter.

If we forget, there is always a way to return, to do teshuva, to keep returning, and never to give up.

Teshuva is very important, and to find powers inside of you to do teshuva. Hashem gives us the desire to do repentance. Hitbodedut helps us to do teshuva, personal prayer does help in any way to fix the wrongs we have done.

By doing proper teshuva, it will help us to do the right conclusions. Learning to walk with Hashem, having peace in the house, by everything. Hashem is good for everything.

By Hitbodedut we can find the bad traits we have, and will help us to do the teshuva that we need to see our salvations!

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