Our dear student David Tal finally meets Rav Dror – when will it be YOUR turn? This is a clear example of the wonderful and exacting Divine Providence of The Creator.


    • The main way to stop your sadness is first of to thank Hashem for whatever it is that is making you sad. You should know that Hashem created us with perfect exacting divine providence. There is a reason for your shortcomings. The next thing is to find your good points, your talents, your good deeds and to rejoice in them. Finally and perhaps most importantly, you should go to the field and speak to Hashem about these very things that are making you sad. What is it He wants from you? How can we use this as a jumping point to come closer to Him and to come closer to your purpose? Focus on this in hitbodedut for as long as it takes. With Hashem’s help you will see a complete turn around. Amen.