Don’t Be Religious, Do Pesach!


Pesach / by: Rav Dror moshe Cassout

From the holiday of Pesach, we can see HaShem’s infinite kindness in which he brings down amazing amounts of “light” to save Am Yisrael (the Jewish nation) from being destroyed (even though they weren’t worthy). During a person’s teshuva (repentance) process, even during the darkest times in their life, HaShem continues to send down huge amounts of “light” and understanding out of his inifinite love.

A person can find himself overwhelmed by fears, worries, stress, sadnesses, lusts, desires and still from that very low place continue to yearn for HaShem from the bottom of his heart. In our prayers on Pesach, we mention that HaShem chose us from all of the other nations in order to give us the Torah. He saw something special within the Jewish nation and thus, decided to reveal himself and allow us to enjoy from his light. By doing this, he planted eternal life within his nation.

On another related topic, we see that people who grow up secular and become religious later on in life (known as baal teshuva), seem to falling in the concept of hishtadlus (effort). People are trying to do teshuva (repentance), learn Torah, and be as righteous as possible but they forget that HaShem “woke them up” in the first place, with no effort of their own. It was just out of His lovingkindness that we’ve come to the place we are. We need to remind ourselves that even now, after we’ve become “more religious”, the importance of allowing HaShem to continue leading our lives. Sometimes, it’s more important to know how to how interact properly with one’s family then it is to accomplish one’s goals in learning of Torah and prayer. Good manners precede the Torah. (Derech eretz kadma LaTorah).

Pesach is the time for salvations on a personal and national level. It’s a time that HaShem redeems the Jewish nation and brings them to the Promise Land (Israel). And as we see, the people’s efforts to improve their situation in the desert, just made things harder for them and resulted in an extra 40 years of travelling in the desert!

Pesach should be a time of miracles for all of Am Yisrael whether in terms of finding one’s soul mate, Shalom Bayit, happiness, moving to Israel, and everything else. HaShem Shomea Tefillah (hears our prayers).

Shabbat Shalom U’Mevorach V’Chag Sameach V’Kasher (Happy and Kosher Pesach)