Video Shiur: Don’t doubt yourself and your great potential

Belief in self and to want HaShem more and more… and not doubt in one self.

After all, the Jewish people have had, and still have, many enemies. However, none have earned the wrath of God like Amalek did when he attacked the Jewish people shortly after the munn miraculously fell from the sky. Even though the midrash states that it is “natural” for Eisav to hate Ya’akov, still, God is not at war with Eisav. Even though Yishmael has been a thorn in our side throughout history his entire history, still, God did not take any vow to annihilate his people. Only Amalek is considered to be the complete antithesis of the Jewish nation, our spiritual nemesis.

The clue is right in Amalek’s name. Numerically, the word Amalek (ayin, mem, lamed, kuf) is equal to 240. It is brought down that this is not by coincidence, because 240 happens to also be the gematria of the word “sufek,” which means “doubt” in Hebrew. This correlation exists to teach us that Amalek is anything that causes doubt in the mind of the Jew. But doubt in what?

The answer to this question comes from pointing out that the name Amalek also equals the words, “el acher” (aleph, lamed, aleph, ches, raish), which means “other god.” In other words, Amalek creates doubt in God’s oneness, which is the source of idol worship, that is, the belief in other powers (be they in the form of wood and stone, or gold and silver, that is, money). This is why the Torah indicates and Rashi explains that Amalek even causes a “split,” so-to-speak” in the Ineffable Name of God, which is another way of saying that nature gives the impression that it works independently of God.

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