Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught his followers to practice “hitbodedut” (self-seclusion). This involves a daily hour of direct conversation with God. Practitioners pour out their hearts during informal and intimate sessions that sometimes take place in fields or forests.

“Hitbodedut is the greatest thing – above all else. That is to establish at least one hour or more to be alone in some room, or in the field, and to voice one’s dialogue between himself and his Owner. Reasoning and arguing with graceful words of appeasement and conciliation, requesting and beseeching before Him who is Blessed to bring one close to His service in truth. And this prayer and supplication should be in the language one speaks naturally.” – Likutei Moharan II, 25

Hitbodedut, is simple to do. Begin to speak out loud as though heard. Let the words pour out, any content is acceptable, no holds barred. You can inveigh, praise, plead, and muse. The major thing is not to stop at all.