How precious and important his children are to him

Parashat Bamidbar / by: Rav Dror moshe Cassouto

Several times throughout the Torah, HaShem commands the leaders of Am Yisrael to count everyone. One of the reasons for this is to show how precious and important his children are to him. This can be compared to a person that has a bag of diamonds. He knows exactly how many he has in the bag but because he loves them so much, he counts them again and again in every free moment that he has; holding them and letting them fall between his fingers. The Torah wasn’t given to us as a history book but rather as an instruction manual for living properly in this world. Something that could help a person think straight and be led on the proper path in life (not just serving as a list of obligations of what a person should and shouldn’t do). You can see “in between the lines” how much HaShem loves Am Yisrael.

If HaShem revealed his love and kindness to Am Yisrael even when they weren’t so holy and wise. From this we understand HaShem loves us always. Because HaShem never changed, he’s always the same and his love as a father will also never change. It’s an eternal love. Every person in his life needs to work on believing in that reality. This is the war against the yetzer hara to believe that HaShem loves me. I need to open my eyes and look for those proofs that HaShem loves me. If I can taste the sweetness in the fruit I’m eating, it means HaShem loves me. If I can be thirsty and by drinking I feel quenched, it means HaShem loves me. If I feel full and satiated after eating a big meal, it means HaShem loves me. If I have a bed to sleep in with everything in it, every tiny thing I have in my life is a proof that HaShem loves me.

But the yater hara doesn’t want a person to be happy, connected and bonded with HaShem. What does he do? He makes arguments and fights between a person and HaShem. And he speaks bad words inside the thoughts of a person’s mind against HaShem, pushing the person to be contaminated in order that he’ll be like Haman (Has V’Shalom). He is someone that we need to avoid becoming like in any way possible. Haman is the one that said, All of that is not worthy for me if Mordechai is not bowing to me. As long as I know that I’m missing one thing; everything else is worthless. We mustn’t fall to that level of contamination. We need to know how to appreciate every small point in our service of HaShem and to say it’s all worthy for me. And by doing that we come to be like HaShem himself. Like we said in the beginning of the parasha, HaShem is counting each and everyone of us and we’re all important to him like diamonds. This is how you should count every small detail of your life, that it should be precious and important to you like a diamond. Thank you HaShem that I woke up this morning, i appreciate it, thank you. By that I can see that you love me. Thank you that when I opened my eyes I could see. Thank you that I wanted to wash my hands and you gave me the strength to do that mitzvah. By that I can see that you love me. That you’re making me holier and holier with your mitzvot. HaShem makes us holy with every mitzvah. To go and search for our good points and to know that were full of good points. And when we do that, then the love for HaShem will illuminate and our connection with him will be so strong that it will never be able to be broken. This is called repentance from out of love (as opposed to out of fear). And repentance out of love is the highest level of repentance that there is. And we hope all of the world will have that merit to follow in the footsteps of the true tzadikim that are teaching us that HaShem loves us always, he always did and he always will.

In conclusion, we need to try our best to spend a few minutes daily thinking about how blessed we are for all of the amazing things that we have in our lives.

Shabbat Shalom U’Mevorach

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  1. I see how HaShem counting us shows how precious we are to him. My Rabbi Aaron Abend also explained to us that, just as items in a mixture (meat/milk, or kosher/treif) which can be counted (enumerated) are not nullified by the majority, so we Jews, counted repeatedly as we are by HaShem, will never be nullified by being intermixed with the Nations. Individual Jews, chas v;shalom, may assimilate, but the Jewish Nation – as a Nation – will never assimilate into the Nations, explained Rabbi Abend – this is another meaning of HaShem counting the Jews.