Video Shiur: Knowing Spiritual Reality | A Relationship With God‎

Spending Hashem help us to know our holy Creator, Hashem. Spending time in Hitbodedut (personal prayer), spending not just minutes with Him, but to speak to Him hours speaking your hurts, asking Him for forgiveness. To wake you up on those matters you need salvation. You were created to know God in a personal way to have a relationship with Him, and the way to do so is to speak to Him, speaking to Him about our problems, in the field, speaking to Him in room by yourself.

Doing Hitbodedut is a meeting with Him, to connect with Him. The more time you spend time with Him, the closer you became with Him. With Him you can find your questions of life. This is the true secret of knowing God. This is how we build a relationship with God. He is waiting for us, He wants us to go to the field because He wants to give us the solution to our problems. God has a purpose and a plan for your life…more than anything else it is to know Him. This is your destiny! Spend time with Him in the field. Speaking with Him as your best friend, Learn more about Hitbodedut here: