Video Shiur: Listen to the voice of God | HaShem Speaking | HaShem Speaking | Likutey Moharan 33

A person needs to scream to his father in heaven with a powerful voice from the depths of his heart. Then God will listen to his voice and turn to his outcry.

There are two ways how a person can know what Hashem wants from us. We cannot hear Hashem’s actual voice that we heard at Har Sinai. But today it is possible to hear Hashem talking to us – when we feel that something isn’t the right thing to do. We can hear Hashem talking to us that this is wrong.

HaShem can redeem you from every problem in the blink of an eye. He can take you out from all of your darkness. He can save you and give you a complete salvation. Now, at this moment, we expect that Mashiach can come at any second. Not some day in the near future or even tomorrow but rather today if we’ll just listen to the “voice” of HaShem. What does it mean to listen to his “voice”? It’s not listening to his “words” but rather to listen to his voice. For example, a child can say to his mother that everything is great and that he is very happy, but she hears in his voice that he’s in distress. So she asks him “what’s happened my son”. Is there something bothering you? This example can begin to help us understand HaShem. He is saying listen, listen to my voice. Listen to the hints, messages and to the wisdom that I’m trying to offer you.

The key is learning how God speaks to us. When God speaks, He can do it through people, through circumstances around us or even through our own thoughts through the Holy neshamah (soul).

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