Parshas Shemos | Rav Micha | Komarna

Komarna: Using the delight of dveykut, cleaving to the Creator to trascend pain and bitterness; We are the Staff–Snake; The seven aspects of life: Chessed–Kindness, expansiveness, Gevurah–Might, constriction, Tiferet–Truth, Torah; Netzach–Victory, the Capacity to win; Hod–Gratitude, Praise, Yesod–Foundation, what I do counts, Malchut–Kingship, Making Creator King when things are Difficult; Remembering we are G-d children in every aspect of our existence; Proper Balance of Body and Soul
Rav Tzaddok: Shemot begins Shovavim; When is the best time to work on purity during Shovavim? Attaining Genuine Brit; Purity is only thorugh Positivity; Kushios, hard questions are for halachic works, not people
Zohar: The Power of Tears; Why is there a gate of tears if tears open all gates?
The Tikkun of Childlessness; A Segulah for having Kids

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