Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto is in New York for yet another incredible speaking tour this Summer.

  • Rav Dror speaking in QUEENS
  • Date: Every Monday night @ 9pm
  • Address: Cong Shaarei Tshuva – 144-35 71 Rd, Kew Garden Hills NY 11367
  • Contact Number: (310) 907-6652
  • Rav Dror speaking in Manhattan
  • Date: July 25th, Tuesday night @ 8:30pm
  • Address: 335 east 77th street; New York NY 10021
  • Contact Number: (786) 606-5136
  • Rav Dror speaking in Crown Heights
  • Date: July 26th & every Wednesday @ 8:30pm
  • Address: 306 Albany Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11225
  • Contact Number: (305) 767-9258
  • Rav Dror speaking in Manhattan
  • Date: July 28th & 29th, Fri & Saturday
  • Times: Fri night, Sat morning and afternoon lectures
  • Address: Carlebach Shul- 305 West 79th street, NY, NY 10024
  • Contact Number: (212) 580-2391
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Rav Dror speaking in Bayswater
  • Date: July 30th, Sunday night @ 8:30pm
  • Address: Natan & Channa Leah Siegel residence, 3213 Healy Ave Far Rockaway, NY
  • Contact Number: (516) 984-3340
  • Rav Dror speaking in Lawrence for Rosh Chodesh ELUL
  • Note: For women only @ 9:30am
  • Date: August 22nd, Tuesday morning
  • Address: The “Ohel Sara” Amen Group – 2 forest lane Lawrence NY
  • Contact Number: (718) 327-7040

If you’re feeling generous, you can partner with us in this massive tour by helping to cover the expenses of flights, professional filming, transportation between the events, etc. Your donation carries with it the merit of the thousands of people who’s lives are about to be changed!

Share this campaign with everyone you can, and also everyone who  you saw at the classes in the past, so they can be a part of this amazing tour as well.

If you have a friend who you know needs to hear what Rav Dror inspires us with, show them the classes on our website Emunah.com , and bring them along!

Let’s make this happen today!  Thank you all for all your continued support of this beautiful light we are spreading!

To book Rav Dror at your public venue or private event at any of the locations listed above, please email [email protected] | Call us @ 310-907-6652.

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