Thursday · 4 Av 5777 · 27 July 2017
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True freedom...

Video Shiur: True freedom | Discover your individuality Be who you are meant to be, discover your individuality. Through PERSONAL prayer (Hitbodedut) you begin to reveal your true inner desires in its purest form. True Freedom is living for the purpose you were created. This can only be fully achieved through Hitbodedut personal conversations with the Creator daily.

You gotta jo...

Video Shiur: You gotta job to do | Crowning the king. We have a job to do Hashem has created the reality in a way that he needs us ( so to speak). Hashem is in the exile inside of us, our job is to make a worthy vessel for the Hashem. When we work on ourselves and make ourselves a worthy vessel for Hashem by this we are crowning Hashem crowning the King this is our job.

The point of...

Video Shiur: The point of no return | Hungarian wine. There comes a an amazing point in a persons Teshuva (repentance) where they hit the "point of no return". Rebbe Nachman told a story: Once a great merchant traveled with fine Hungarian wine. His servant and wagon driver told him, “We are traveling with this wine, and we are suffering so much. Give us some wine to taste.”

Unique &...

Video Shiur: Unique & important | One beautiful puzzle | Likutei Moharan 38. Find the purpose of your life. Find how to serve Hashem in the calling He gave you. Be useful for the purpose that Hashem sent you. Hashem placed on the place you are.


Expressing your will is very important, and the way to express your will is to pray (Hitbodedut / Secluded Prayer), to ask, to beseech, to beg Hashem for mercy. Hashem has a treasure for us. Hashem wants to use you, to express His will through you, through you, the people of the world will be revealed, to know Him. They will know Hashem because of your actions, and your speach. We are His servants, we must shine the will of Hashem to the whole world. For sure, Hashem Hear our Prayers. Rabbi Nachman teaches: The wise person will pray his entire life to speak just one totally truthful word to G-d (Likutey Moharan I, 112).


Video Shiur: Illuminations in the darkness | Renewing the faith. Life always will have its ups and downs, there are times of light and times of darkness. We must remember the light (Emunah) while we are in our downs in the darkness. We must hold onto our Faith and trust in Hashem even when things appear dark. When you come out of the Darkness ,the difficult time your Emunah will be renewed and you will have achieved a higher level of Emunah.

Focused on t...

Video Shiur: Focused on the Purpose | Hashem love you We must remain focused on the purpose, the purpose of creation is for us to see Hashem in everything. We must not get distracted by titles of religiousness, orthodox,reform conservative its all non-sense either you are with Hashem and are working on getting close or not. We must bring all physicality from its earthly level up to its lofty source on high. By bringing Hashem into all our mundane actions we bring everything up to it source on high.

Hitbodedut i...

Hitbodedut rises to a very high place. This applies especially to turning Torah teachings into prayers, which creates the greatest delight above. Letters of Torah are present throughout the Creation. By expressing and articulating your yearning and desire in words, you invest these letters with new vitality and power for good. This brings you new life and strength and draws goodness and blessing into all the worlds. Numberless souls are stirred to make their own return to God, all through your words of prayer to your Maker.

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