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In yet another amazing and inspiring lecture by Rav Dror, we learn about the easiest ways to make God love you more. We all want to feel God’s love a little more in our lives, and many people are wondering, how do I make God love me? How do I feel God’s love more in my life. The simple secret is to to be simple and humble. God loves humility and simplicity. It is so dear to Hashem when we pray a simple heartfelt prayer, even when we don’t understand what we are saying. Many times the Evil inclination will convince us that we have to do big things and become super holy before God will love us. But really, we just need to say a short 5 minute prayer, to give a small amount of charity, or help one person. We need to believe and have confidence in our own spiritual powers, in the powers of our own unique soul. If we always look up only to the righteous people, only to our parents, only to people who have succeeded, and we “worship” them, what does it help us? WE need to be holy, WE need to be successful, WE need to learn how to fly on our own. The way to build a relationship with God, and to make God love you, is to bring him your heart. To focus on the internal, to serve Him with a happy heart and a wishing soul. To find ourselves, to find our souls, and serve him 100% with our entire soul, no matter how damaged it is. God’s compassion and God’s Mercy are only a few heartfelt deeds and prayers away.