For curious people only. In this amazing class, Rav Dror gives several amazing and unique pieces of advice on how to balance your life with your spirituality. For people like us who are soul searching and searching for the truth, we end up finding God. Meaning we end up finding a very deep and complex creator of the universe who has created and incredible world with an incredible plan. We don’t just discover a new religion, with new laws and commandments, what we discover is a new way of life, a new perspective, and new meaning. We start to see the deeper meaning in everything we do. Not just in the Mitzvoth (Commandments), but in the regular daily things as well, like eating, nature, people, we start to see God’s hand, the stamp of the Creator, everywhere we go. The challenge is to connect to that. To remember God and the deeper meaning when we are eating, to try to eat in holiness, to try to control our desires. We need to see God in nature, not just in the beautiful landscapes, but in the leaves that are blowing through our lawns outside of our homes. To hear the spirit of that leaf, singing – or screaming – in the wind. To feel the spirit and precise holy sparks that are in the exact particular table we have in our house, to feel in our soul that that is exactly the right table for us. More than that, we need to feel how exact WE are. How precisely the God created us, with our talents, our emotions, and also, our shortcomings. Even our shortcomings are extremely precise and come straight from God. And if our shortcomings are the work of God, then for sure the shortcomings and challenges of our children are the work of God as well. We need to learn to understand them, to help them find spirituality in a calm way that they will love. To help them love the Torah, and to help them love God.