Video Shiur: The huge fire of lust can consume you

To destroy an enemy, one must first recognize the enemy. The lust of fornication is the backbone and moving force of the evil inclination, and the evil inclination is our enemy. Without knowing who the enemy is, a person is easy prey. He’ll succumb to additional types of lust, bad character traits and outright heresy. He certainly won’t accomplish his designated mission in life or win his personal war.

As long as a person is blemished in the slightest in the area of personal holiness, he can’t properly cling to HaShem. He won’t be able to apply his Torah learning to his daily life, and his studies will remain theoretical rather than practical.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev writes (see Likutei Moharan I:36) that one can overcome lust and bad habits only after he overcomes all sexual lust, for sexual lust is the general all-inclusive evil, whereas personal holiness is the “general remedy” – the tikkun haklali – and the key to character refinement.