How far back do your religious beliefs go? When did your family accept or adopt you current religion and tradition? Many of us practice a certain religion, say, Judaism, or Christianity, or Islam, and we consider ourselves good Jews, or Christians, or Muslims, but we don’t really check how we got involved in our current religion. We need to search for the truth, for the roots of our truth. Many people, when they search back and look into the history of their ancestry, find that their great grandparents we forced to convert to christianity or islam by fear of death. Is that a reason to accept Jesus – because your great grandfather was forced to convert to christianity, and to save his life he pretended to believe in Jesus and support the church and learn the new testament, and now, generations later, you consider yourself a devout christian, and your family has been good christians for generations, and it is a belief that is just deeply rooted in your history and in your soul. You need to check, why do I do what I do? What do I really believe? What makes me happy? What makes my soul feel connected? Do I really need this religion I’m following to have a relationship with God? Do I really like Islam, or do I like God, and I was told that the only way to connect with God is through islam and the Quran? What is my truth? What am I really searching for in spirituality. Even if you are Jewish and practice Judaism, even orthodox Judaism, which is where all the other religions come from, you still need to search within yourself, and ask yourself, why am I doing this? Is it really what I believe? Am I serving God out of love, or our of fear of my father who made me keep all the commandments as a child, and now I just continue what I know? You need to search, and find the root of your soul, find that basic simple connection to God, without all the cloud of various religious beliefs, and then work from there to progress to the right spiritual lifestyle. When the Messiah comes, when judgment day comes, there will be only the truth revealed. Truth. No more lies. No more illusions and cover-ups. Just the truth. So be a man of truth. Question everything. Find the real meaning of life. Don’t settle for something that sounds 80% ok, because that means 20% of your life is lie. Search and search until you have found what you know is 100% truth. Search until you find something that you can stand tall confidently on judgment day, look the blinding truth in the eye, and say, I lived my life in a way that I was positive is the 100% truth.

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Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto brings to us rare honest pure Emuna principles of Rabbi Nachman. Our hope is that our Torah Videos will bring you closer to the Creator and to serve Him with joy, faith, and trust (Simcha, Emunah and Bitachon). The essence of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings; lessons relating to and dealing with all aspects of life.


  1. Thank you Rav Dror for this powerful message. This was one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time with so much truth and heart. I want to hear more. I am asking Hashem to reveal more of this light to us so we can bring the power of speech out of exile to articulate this message in a way to pierce through the darkness for those who are truly seeking the TRUTH! And thanks Ira and the Emunah Team for standing and supporting Rav Dror and pressing onward in this mission.