Therapy Through Faith

So many people today are struggling with anxiety and dealing with depression. There is a way they can heal themselves and lead happier, more successful lives: spiritual therapy.

The first step for spiritual therapy is “Hitbodedut” – Jewish meditation,  a private conversation with yourself and God, the Creator. If you are depressed, and want to cope with it, the best way is to talk it out with God, the One who can actually help you overcome it.

The same therapy can help those struggling with anxiety and feeling anxious: meditate, pray, and talk about it with God.

There are reasons in your childhood, problems that actually damaged your soul. So you need to spend time every day, talking to the greatest therapist in the world, God.

Hashem (God) knows what you’re going through, and he can help you find the root of your feelings and your emotions. He knows why you feel what you are feeling. So he can help you get to the root of the emotional pattern and help you deal with it in a healthy way. You don’t need to be living with anxiety, and you don’t to be living with depression. You don’t need to be feeling lonely or feeling sad. Yes your feeling are legitimate, and nobody should tell you that what you are feeling is just a mindset that you need to change – but you can be healed. You can be happy.

However, there are also times where you need help from someone who has been through what you have been through. Someone who can guide you and help you to find yourself and to find the roots of your issues.

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