Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website

I know that’s a lot of information to process, so let me give you the short notes first of the most important signals that YouTube uses:

  • Title tag information
  • Well written description of the class given, with keywords in there.
  • Keywords in description tag
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Likes and dislikes

With that, it’s time to show you five ways that you can leverage these signals to get more traffic to your videos…and ultimately to your site.

Write Super-Long Video Descriptions

Remember that YouTube and Google can’t watch or listen to your video (yet).

That means that they heavily lean on the text surrounding the video to understand your video’s topic. That’s why it pains me to see extremely brief video descriptions like this:

Tefillah / Prayer / Hitbodedut Part I | Basics of Prayer

Video Shiur: Tefillah / Prayer / Hitbodedut Part I | Basics of Prayer

Hitbodedut – Secluded Prayer – the main “weapon” of Mashiach–and of every Jew – is prayer. Every tefilah (prayer), every bracha (blessing), every whispered thanks, every Psalm and every hitbodedut (private, secluded prayer in one’s own words) brings the geulah (Redemption) that much nearer.

The intrinsic power of sincere and heartfelt prayer is beyond our comprehension. Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto teaches us to focus on the truth in the fields by asking HaShem for help in prayers.

What is hitbodedut? Secluded meditation with G-d. During hitbodedut, we speak to God, ask Him for whatever we need, confess our wrong-doings and thank Him for all the good that He has done for us.

When we take time out of our busy lives to be alone with our Creator, to pour out our hearts to Him, to ask Him for guidance and forgiveness and share our troubles with Him, we are binding with the Almighty through bringing Him into our daily lives.

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Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto brings to us rare honest pure Emunah. We wish for all people worldwide to watch our Videos and help bring you closer to the Creator of the Universe and to serve Him with joy, faith, and trust.

Learn the real meaning of life, the real purpose in living it’s all available for you today! Find Fulfillment, Acceptance, your purpose on this earth. Discover the good points in yourself and others, and Finding how to serve God with every aspect of your being: Your mind, Your talents, Your emotions.

Teachings from Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassouto, Jerusalem, Israel.

That long description – along with some other techniques I’ll show you later – helped the video rank quickly for it’s target keyword, “SEO strategy” (currently number three in YouTube).

Optimize Around “Video Keywords”

Ranking in YouTube is great, but ranking your video in YouTube and Google is even better.

Although Google gives YouTube videos an inherent edge in the SERPs, that’s only true for certain keywords.

These keywords are called “Video Keywords” because they tend to have video results on Google’s first page.

For example, any keyword that includes “cute cats” will almost always have a few video results, for example:

Simcha, Emunah, bitachon, faith, know HaShem, tests of faith, miracles, hitbodedut, healing, Shiur, emunah, emuna, Emunah Outreach, Breslov, Breslover, Chabad, Chabadnik, Emunah, gratitude, happy, hisbodedut, hitbodedut, prayer, Rebbe, rebbe nachman, Simcha, Tefilah, thank you, thanks, thanksgiving, Toda Hashem, todah

Someone searching for “simcha or emunah or bitachon” doesn’t want to read an article like, “Levaya Of R’ Shlomo Zakheim z”l Attened By Dozens Of Hatzolah Vehicles – Tzom Gedalya 5774” They want to articles about simcha or emunah or bitachon!

On the other hand, someone searching for “faith” wants to read about symptoms and treatments. Google knows this and shows those searchers a block of 10 text articles:

Bottom line: Before deciding on a keyword for your video, check to see if there are video results on the first page. If so, that’s a keyword you should strongly consider because you can potentially get your video ranked in Google and YouTube.

Encourage Subscribing and Linking

Because YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t use backlinks, it puts A LOT of weight on user experience signals. If people enjoy watching your video, expect it to crush it in YouTube search.

Subscribing and liking are two of the most important user experience signals that YouTube uses.

When someone likes your video enough to subscribe after watching it, it sends a strong message to YouTube that you have a killer video on your hands.

Likes are much less important, but they still count.


Create Keyword-Rich Playlists

Don’t leave your YouTube channel an unorganized mess.

One of the easiest ways to get more YouTube search traffic to your videos is to organize your videos into playlists.

A keyword-rich playlist gives YouTube deeper information about your video’s topic. And like we saw with your description, more text-based content=more views.

For example, as you have already, shiurim general, shiurim woman, music, guest speakers